Shaarujaa Nadarajah — Vice-President (Administration)

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Shaarujaa Nadarajah has been elected Vice-President (Admin).

Nadarajah joins MSU President-Elect Justin Monaco-BarnesBlake Oliver (VP Education) and Ryan MacDonald (VP Finance) on the BoD. The Vice-President (Admin) role largely focuses on working with Part-Time Managers who run the services the MSU runs.

Nadarajah ran on a platform that aims to “pop the MSU bubble” and improve the support for PTMs and SRA members. Key platform points include:

  • Changes to hiring practices, including location, time of year and time of the week
  • Cluster MSU services to improve efficiency of training
  • Improved SRA training, focusing on professional development and skill development.

The full platform can be found here.

Nadarajah was the campaign manager for Monaco-Barnes. The Vice-President elect has experience in a variety of MSU services, including Horizons, the Maroons and SWHAT. She also served as an SRA Science representative for 2015-16.

The 2016-17 Board of Directors will take over their roles on May 1.



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Author: Scott Hastie

Scott is the Editor in Chief for Volume 87 of the Silhouette.