Blake Oliver — Vice-President (Education)

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Blake Oliver has been elected Vice-President (Education).

Oliver rounds out the 2016-17 Board of Directors, joining MSU President-Elect Justin Monaco-BarnesRyan MacDonald (VP Finance) and Shaarujaa Nadarajah (VP Administration) on the BoD. The Vice-President (Education) focuses on university advocacy and external lobbying.

The Health Science student ran on a platform focusing on advocacy work with all levels of government. Key platform points include:

  • An SRA conference-style weekend twice a term to pass policies that guide the MSU
  • Working on PebblePad, the new version of McMaster’s Learning Portfolio
  • Lobby for improvements to student housing by working with the City of Hamilton

The full platform can be downloaded here.

Oliver has worked with the Ontario University Students Alliance as a general assembly delegate in 2015-16. The VP (Education) elect was University Affairs Commissioner and SRA Health Science for the past term. According to her platform, Oliver is also interested in running for OUSA leadership.

The 2016-17 Board of Directors will take over their roles on May 1.



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Author: Scott Hastie

Scott is the Editor in Chief for Volume 87 of the Silhouette.